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Slender, long of limb, and longer of hair, Winnowill has a face that can seem warm or seem hard as the stone of the Mountain she rules. She is a healer whose powers were left to fester, a good soul whose goodness was no longer needed. Find a need, fill a need, create a new need.

She grew up, flourished, languished, and flourished again on the World of Two Moons, she is an Elf of rare power and rarer disposition. She has kept slaves, both human and elven kind and can manipulate both with a terrifying ease that comes from the devious combination of immortality and patience.

What she can do:
Imagine a strong healer, of mind as well as body, a fleshshaper who can mold bones and skin and blood vessels like clay. Now imagine a psychological break that leads to her realizing that the same abilities that can heal...can harm. Her powers are two sides of the same coin, healing and hurting, soothing the mind and blasting it. She can communicate mentally, and when he heals or hurts a person she sees how they took the wounds, if she is healing, and more. So much more. From touching Dewshine she drew fourth her soul name and from Cutter the secret of the Wolfriders. She can take the taint of the wolf from her fellow elves, restoring their immortality, and has taught Leetah this trick. Her dark skinned sister with the sunshine heart. She can "Send out" her spirit, or trap those who send out theirs perilously close to her awareness. But where she can be, she chooses to be subtle. She plays long games, having all eternity to do so, and is save in the knowledge that even if her flesh dies, her spirit and her power never will. The only thing sh fears is a true healing, the only person she fears is Leetah, because Leetah could heal her, could force her to be good once more and to face all she has done, and she likes who she is now.

"This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at [community profile] ten_fwd; I am not Winnowill, who is the property of Wendy and Richard Pini may tey be forever hailed as awesome. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made."
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